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One of the trickiest challenges pros face is helping customers make color choices. Overwhelmed with walls of options at their local store, customers often hope their paint professional will help narrow their favorite 30-plus options down to just a few. Here are four color professionals’ proven strategies to help guide color selection…


By the time David Biddlecombe started his company, Dave B Painting in northwest Louisiana in 2015, he’d already battled his own addiction issues and been clean for nearly 10 years. As a former addict, he has a deeper understanding for the needs of those battling substance abuse, and he’s gained a keen…


Earlier this year, PDCA hosted ‘Estimating Month’ and launched a series of free 15-minute podcasts and videos related to the subject. The companion videos are available exclusively to PDCA members. According to Chris Shank, education director for PDCA, education podcasts offer the opportunity for educators to share some of their hard-earned wisdom…


According to Australian messaging technology company, M2 On Hold, global click-to-call revenue is expected to reach $13.7 billion by 2020. Read that again. That’s $13.7 billion with a B. No matter how you slice it, that’s a LOT of dollars coming in from ‘unknown caller.’ If you’re not in the know about click-to-call,…


In late 2017, Sherwin-Williams launched a new online ordering program for professional customers. The e-commerce platform is accessible online through Sherwin-Williams PRO accounts or through the PRO app on iPhone and Android, and allows pros to order paint and supplies from their local store via their phone, tablet or computer at any…


Most pros realize that warranties are a great way to demonstrate confidence in their service and differentiate them from competitors. But did you know that warranties can also lead to more future sales? After all, when you’re doing a warranty follow-up, you’re calling on one of your best prospects: a previous customer….


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