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The Dec 2017/Jan 2018 issue of inPAINT magazine will feature the publication’s annual Product Guide focusing on coatings and applicators. The Guide is organized by product type rather than manufacturer and provides a digestible, at-a-glance overview of specific types of best-in-class coatings and applicators manufacturers want painting professionals to know about. Many


For a number of years, online review sites have provided consumers a forum to rate and share reviews of contractors they’ve hired—the good, the bad, and the ‘they played their music too loud.’ While you probably don’t want to share your honest thoughts about a customer on a public site, there is


The Dec 2016/Jan 2017 issue of inPAINT magazine will feature its first-ever product guide. Unlike other product and resource guides that are organized by manufacturer, the inPAINT Product Guide is organized by product type, making it easier to do apples-to-apples comparisons amongst the categories: coatings and applicators. The coatings section features 14


University of Michigan researchers have developed a test that makes it easy to detect if a paint chip contains more than the regulated 5,000 parts-per-million (ppm) of lead. Still in the prototype stage, the test relies on a new molecular gel recipe to detect the presence of lead in paint samples. Gesine


In an effort to make it easier for home improvement pros to connect with customers, expanded features for both national and regional service providers, as well as local pros. With its new ‘Enterprise Direct Connect,’ larger companies can integrate into Porch’s project marketplace and have requests flow directly into their CRM


As the July date for the Department of Labor (DOL)’s overtime rule changes draws near, many employers are trying to determine how to implement the new rules without creating fiscal chaos or employee unrest. As a first step, employers should determine which employees will be impacted by the change, or who falls


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