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It’s no secret that the trades are facing a troubling labor shortage. Many contractors are offering bonuses, incentives and other perks to land the right people. But once hired, that first week or month on the job can be a trouble zone for a lot of owners. Appearing disorganized, giving too much


In the world of spray gun technology and performance, transfer efficiency is simply defined as the amount of paint that actually lands on the substrate versus the paint lost to overspray and the atmosphere. Other than on the day a painting contractor purchases a sprayer, the term probably rarely comes to mind


Customers want to know they’re in good hands and that you, as a trusted contractor, can answer all their questions and get the job done right. So, in the name of customer service, you need to be nimble and anticipate a variety of questions and concerns—and be prepared to assist on color


We all know the trades are experiencing an unprecedented labor shortage, and many painting professionals are desperate for good help. New hires know they have other options, and it’s frustrating for a painting business owner to train a new employee only to watch them leave for another company. If you’re running into


Maybe it was a passing mention that someone was interested in buying your company. Perhaps health concerns have you thinking of an exit. Or is it a nagging feeling that you’re just done? Whatever the reason, if you’re thinking of selling your painting business, know that it’s a journey that’s not for


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