Residential paint pros talk shop at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in July


If you’re a residential painting contractor, learning how to run your business comes with its share of trial and error. And sometimes, there’s plenty to learn by simply listening to other contractors talk about their challenges. Through its Advanced Shop Talk educational forums, the PDCA annually seeks to convene painting contractors to share solutions for business … More

Are you ready to sell your painting business?

Business for sale

You’ve spent years, perhaps decades, making a name for yourself on the local or regional contracting scene, but now you think it might be a good time to sell. Maybe someone has expressed interest—or you’re considering retirement or another business venture. Most business sales can close within a few months. However, Peter Holton, managing director with Chicago-based Caber … More

4 common vehicle customization mistakes paint pros make

AdrianSteelladder rack in operation

For busy paint pros, customizing a work vehicle can seem unnecessary. But the money saved in NOT customizing your ride could compromise efficiency for you and your crew. Getting a paint pro’s vehicle right is often a collection of many small details. Just having bins or shelves in the right places or at the right height can make a world of difference for a tradesman. Keep these … More

Use cleanliness to close deals and find more work, one pro says


Bill Harrison, owner of A&S Painting, in Lansing, IL, has a unique perspective on closing out jobs. While some painting professionals have established checklists that demand a customer walk-through payment and numerous contract stipulations, Harrison, on the other hand, sees closing time as a paint pro’s chance to make one last good impression. And going above and beyond … More

5 social media tips for paint pros

Social media can bring valuable exposure to any paint pro, and also open communication lines to new and existing customers; however, it’s a powerful tool that can bring some headaches, too. If you’re relatively new to social media or have had a fledgling presence online that you’re looking to boost, keep these tips in mind. WHERE TO START If you are new to the game, start … More

Program educates contractors on wood and log cabin finishing

With higher profit margins, due to dealing with a generally more affluent clientele, the log cabin market could be a dream niche for some paint pros. But in trying to do these jobs right, a lot can go wrong. So, in order to thrive, paint pros need to recognize the intricacies involved with applying coatings to unique wood surfaces. Having educated hundreds of contractors … More

Hire right to grow your business


Most pros agree that, at some point, in order to grow their business, it’s time to get ‘out of the bucket.’ Delegating responsibilities can be difficult for anyone, but if done right, it allows a pro to focus on finding new work and building new relationships, instead of tending to daily details. The payoff can be huge, and there are more than a few examples of pros who let go … More

Color tips for paint pros from Pantone Color Institute

Young designer working with color palette

Throughout the year, we hear experts tout the latest information on color trends. What’s hot now, next year, and in the foreseeable future can change very quickly. Laurie Pressman, VP of Pantone Color Institute, is one of those who has plenty of colorful opinions. But she also spends time researching the drive behind color popularity and how unique color combinations best suit … More


LLC, S corp, C corp, partnership―what’s the best structure for your paint business?

Signing Blue Tax Form

Rodney Nash has been part of his family’s painting and contracting business, W.W. Nash & Sons, Inc., in Richmond, VA since 1963. His father started the original company in 1946 and, through the years, Nash has seen several family members come and go as partners in the enterprise. Today, at 74, the company VP is nearing retirement himself, and is now readying W.W. Nash’s … More




The paint market offers many low- or zero-VOC coatings that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing for commercial environments. As a paint pro, you may be looked to for guidance on the best products, tints or color schemes for a space. In these situations, sometimes leaning on a familiar brand isn’t enough, particularly in office environments where, depending on the … More