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An artist by trade, Jon Cox, Sr. understands the importance of having the right tools for the job. That’s why the founder of Proform Technologies, Inc., which manufactures Picasso paintbrushes, also values the input of other professionals when developing pro-grade brushes. In fact, he very much enjoys talking shop with paint pros…


At first glance, a power sander makes it all look so easy. But whether you’re a pro or a DIYer, this seemingly simple tool can create some problems on the job if used carelessly or with improper technique. Rick Bush, Festool’s director of product marketing, offers four important insights for effectively using…


Like many paint pros this time of year, Joe Campbell, is figuring out how to handle the busy season. But the co-owner of Arizona Painting Company in the Metro Phoenix area is also in the middle of coordinating a summer event called ‘Paint It Forward,’ where his team gives away a $5,000…


A painting professional’s passion for brushes runs deep. Purdy, Wooster, Corona, Picasso … mention a brand and every paint pro has an opinion about which one is better and why. Brush manufacturers know this, and work hard to constantly use input from pros to improve their products. Here’s a look at two…


If your company has been hired to deal with mold, work with solvents, or handle other situations where employees might be exposed to hazardous airborne contaminants, your crew will need respirators for protection. Like any safety product, understanding how the device performs and protects your team is imperative. Here, inPAINT turned to…


Every painting professional has their own take on good prep, and there are many differing views on how much or little prep is really needed for any given job. Jordan Haire, Festool’s director of national accounts, sees and hears the wide-ranging perspectives pros bring to the subject every day. In his role,…


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