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In the middle of the summer, the Sonoran desert’s evening temperatures can still hover around 100º Fahrenheit. It’s a dry heat with an oven effect that’s uncomfortable for human beings and paint formulas alike. Most paint manufacturers will recommend temperatures not exceed 90º for good adhesion. Jeff Pinosky, owner of Classic Shades…


Carl Crowder has seen a lot of early paint failures in his day. The Colorado Springs-based paint Pro has more than three decades of experience in the business, and says far too many jobs don’t last very long due to shoddy prep work. Early failures create an image problem for the paint…


Homeowners have always had a love-hate relationship with siding. When first installed, it looks great; but in time, it can become dull, weathered or faded. A homeowner will often look to a paint professional for guidance in these situations. But with so many different types of siding materials marketed through the years—wood,…


Steven Oransky knows what a simple paint chip can reveal about a wood siding surface. The Five Star Painting franchise owner in North Shore Boston says the back of a chip is a great indicator for how to proceed with prep. “If the wood is on the back of the chip, then…


Bruce Watson, owner of Jalapeno Paint Werx in Naperville, Illinois has seen his share of good and bad bidding situations. He has come across the ultimate something for- nothing type, the perfectionist, and everything in between. Years of experience have taught him one thing: “Sometimes, in certain circumstances, it’s best to say…


As the past president of the Springfield Area Human Resources Association in southwest Missouri, Parker McKenna fielded a lot of questions from small business owners. Getting it right legally and professionally when it came to hiring or firing employees was one of the big issues that came up. With more than a…


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