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Like other tradesmen, paint pros are creatures of habit. The tools a mentor uses can often become a go-to for a younger painter as well. When it comes to brush preferences, many pros quickly learn what brand, size or style works for them, and end up sticking with it for the long…


As we head into the cooler months, interior work will dominate the job list for paint pros in four-season climates. After a long summer of exterior work, interior prep can seem tedious and time-consuming, especially in the case of repaints of occupied buildings. Paint pros would much rather be rolling paint than…


The phrase ‘pop the question’ is tied to one of the most important personal decisions in your life. But when it comes to your paint business, sometimes the right question can show a customer how much you really care about your work and their well-being—and that can be a difference maker for…


Jeremy Rhett, owner of CertaPro Painters of Atlanta, GA, doesn’t like to be patronizing to his staff, but he knows as more jobs shift indoors this fall, some of his crews—particularly those who haven’t done an interior job in months—will need a few basic reminders about interior prep dos and don’ts. “Some…


When Terry Begue started in the painting business nearly three decades ago, he quickly began to think that being a great painter didn’t always translate to profitability. That thinking changed about five years into running his company. Aluminum siding jobs are very prevalent in Akron, OH; so Begue began fine-tuning methods for…


Quick-turn situations can be found in any business. In the paint world, sometimes there’s an early move-in for a multifamily unit. Or maybe there’s a schedule disruption on a job due to weather or other problems. Regardless, if you’re a paint pro who knows how to pull off quality work—fast—you could enjoy…


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