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Every painting professional has their own take on good prep, and there are many differing views on how much or little prep is really needed for any given job. Jordan Haire, Festool’s director of national accounts, sees and hears the wide-ranging perspectives pros bring to the subject every day. In his role,…


For those jobs requiring a longer time frame or involving multiple trades, things can get messy. Trades bump into each other and a lot of teardown and setting up by you and others only increases the probability of accidents and spills. That’s why, especially for bigger jobs, it’s important to consider floor…


When protecting carpet or flooring in a home or commercial setting, sometimes a tarp or drop cloth just isn’t enough. For those jobs that last a little longer or that involve covering slippery or treasured terrain, surface protection can be critical for keeping customers happy and employees safe. “I think a lot…


Painting professionals hear about the importance of generating online leads, maintaining a social media presence, and staying on top of their company’s online reputation all the time. However, many struggle with their company story. Some may not be good writers, or maybe they just don’t know what to tout about their company….


It’s no secret that the trades are facing a troubling labor shortage. Many contractors are offering bonuses, incentives and other perks to land the right people. But once hired, that first week or month on the job can be a trouble zone for a lot of owners. Appearing disorganized, giving too much…


In the world of spray gun technology and performance, transfer efficiency is simply defined as the amount of paint that actually lands on the substrate versus the paint lost to overspray and the atmosphere. Other than on the day a painting contractor purchases a sprayer, the term probably rarely comes to mind…


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