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The shortage of qualified, dependable tradesmen in the U.S. is not a new story, but it is still a concerning one for many contractors. While many workforce-related headlines point to a need for computer scientists, engineers and health care workers, the National Association of Home Builders reported in 2016 that there are


Over time, every paint pro develops his or her own unique habits. Maybe it’s an affinity for a particular brush or roller, or perhaps a demand to put tools and materials in certain easy-to- reach spots on a work vehicle. That said, it helps when a vehicle is built out to anticipate


If you’re a residential painting contractor, learning how to run your business comes with its share of trial and error. And sometimes, there’s plenty to learn by simply listening to other contractors talk about their challenges. Through its Advanced Shop Talk educational forums, the PDCA annually seeks to convene painting contractors to


You’ve spent years, perhaps decades, making a name for yourself on the local or regional contracting scene, but now you think it might be a good time to sell. Maybe someone has expressed interest—or you’re considering retirement or another business venture. Most business sales can close within a few months. However, Peter


For busy paint pros, customizing a work vehicle can seem unnecessary. But the money saved in NOT customizing your ride could compromise efficiency for you and your crew. Getting a paint pro’s vehicle right is often a collection of many small details. Just having bins or shelves in the right places or


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