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You think a lot about the tools and materials you need for your jobs—pressure washers, sprayers, brushes, paints, stains and specialty products. But what about the vehicle you drive to the jobsite? Obviously, a reliable truck or van is critical to ensure you get to work, but there’s more to it than…


Exterior paint jobs need to be able to stand up to the elements—from bright sun to high humidity to freezing rain. And homeowners don’t want to have to repaint every few years, so a durable paint is a must. As a painter, you’re on the lookout for products that resist cracking, flaking…


In the aftermath of a disaster, the need for quality contractors is high. But for inexperienced pros, the process of landing work can be confusing, if not impossible. Key to winning the work is knowing the basic ground rules. FIRST THINGS FIRST According to Carter Merkle, program manager of the Oklahoma Bid…


Q: Who’s the market for Paint Shield? What it gets down to is Sherwin-Williams is always looking at the needs of the marketplace. We looked at the healthcare industry and saw a significant need for a paint that would kill certain disease-causing bacteria. That’s what spurred Paint Shield’s development. But once developed,…


TruBlue Partners with Fresh Coat Painters TruBlue Total House Care, a property management company offering handyman, lawn care, emergency repairs, and other home services, has added Fresh Coat Painters to its list of referral partners. According to Fresh Coat Painters President Tara Riley, “Having a partnership with TruBlue is awesome because in…


Marianne Cusato, HomeAdvisor’s housing expert and associate professor at the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, describes the current labor shortage as the result of the ‘perfect storm.’ “First, there’s a massive push to get kids to go to college instead of considering the trades. That creates a negative stigma that…


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