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TruBlue Partners with Fresh Coat Painters TruBlue Total House Care, a property management company offering handyman, lawn care, emergency repairs, and other home services, has added Fresh Coat Painters to its list of referral partners. According to Fresh Coat Painters President Tara Riley, “Having a partnership with TruBlue is awesome because in…


Marianne Cusato, HomeAdvisor’s housing expert and associate professor at the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, describes the current labor shortage as the result of the ‘perfect storm.’ “First, there’s a massive push to get kids to go to college instead of considering the trades. That creates a negative stigma that…


From accounting and scheduling to communicating with customers and keeping crews on track, digital technology has the potential to improve and streamline virtually every aspect of any business. However, according to Tom Droste, CEO of Logical Engine, only about 25% of the paint companies he deals with have a substantial amount of…


You’ve worked hard to build your business. You’ve invested in the best tools money can buy. Your subcontractors and employees are rock solid. You’ve earned a stellar reputation in your community. But for a lot of business owners, it’s hard to split your focus between working for your customers and marketing your…


Whether you’re an experienced estimator, a new recruit, or you’ve been a painter all your life that just knows what it takes to paint a structure, we all make estimating mistakes. It’s rare when we get to celebrate the perfect job. My sales team always looks at me funny when I celebrate…


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