How manufacturers are inspired to create new and innovative coatings

Rust-Oleum Zinsser Watertite Flexible Primer and Finish

Ryan Amato, owner of Easton, PA-based Amato Painting, prides himself on being customer focused. Voted Lehigh Valley’s Best Painting Company three years running, he seeks out the best products to better serve his customers. “It’s the little things that make all the difference in this industry,” Amato added. “We relish the idea of making our day more productive and less … More

Choosing colors that sell homes

Guiding your customers to make smart paint decisions

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Conventional wisdom says it’s “location, location, location” when you’re looking to buy a home. However, that statement might take on an entirely different hue when it comes to selling one. In a competitive housing market, it’s important to seize every advantage. Can exterior color make a difference? That is the million-dollar question. “True, location is an important … More

Paint Essentials: Why Pros in the Know Choose Premium

Consistency, coverage, and long-term durability are key


Glenn Targac doesn’t believe in shortcuts or giving customers an inferior product. Owner of San Antonio-based Fix Your Home— a remodeling, repair and home-solutions business Targac is all about quality and transparency with his customers. And using a premium coating is Job #1. “My goal is always to educate the customer to use the highest-quality paint their budget will … More

Color sells! Help your customers pick the right color to sell their home


Just when Genesis Macedo thinks he’s seen it all, someone surprises him. Macedo, owner of New York-based Genesis Pro Painting & Restoration, has had some interesting requests in the 16 years he’s been in the painting business, but some are more memorable than others. “I think the wildest room we ever painted was high-gloss fire-truck red,” Macedo said. “The customer … More

Pros paint pretty picture for premium products


As a premium coatings manufacturer, it’s easy to talk about the importance of using a superior-quality paint. However, John Lahey, lll has a less self-serving reason: customer satisfaction. Lahey, president of Fine Paints of Europe, a nationally distributed New England-based paint manufacturer, understands that many customers want to get the best deal possible, but not at … More


Training and resources to expand your skills―and your customer base


THE GOOD NEWS: Painting pros are in demand. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment of painters to grow 7% through 2024, with expectations for overall job prospects and opportunities for industrial painters and coaters to continue to be excellent in coming years. THE BAD NEWS: Many pros are missing out on opportunities to differentiate themselves in … More

Get smart with continuing education

Paint and coatings manufacturers offer training opportunities to build the knowledge base of paint pros

Valspar-Cabot Training

Davis Kyle isn’t asking to change the world—just how we paint it. Kyle, the executive VP of the Master Painters Institute (MPI), believes the paint industry needs to raise its game, and a renewed focus on quality and education are key drivers. Kyle looks to the institute’s vision statement about a dedication to quality standards and quality assurance in the painting and … More

Making the Pro Connection

How paint manufacturers market their products and services to professional painters


U.S. demand for paint and coatings is forecasted to reach 400 million gallons by 2019, growing 3.8% annually, which is valued at $31.5 billion, according to a new study by The Freedonia Group, a Cleveland-based industry market research firm. And professional painters drive a large part of that business. “About 70% of paint sold today is sold to a professional paint … More

It’s Good to Be Green

paintbrush and paint blob

Not since prehistoric painters adorned their cave walls with a mixture of mashed fern leaves and flower petals has paint been so environmentally friendly. But even those club-waving cavemen would feel pretty out of place in today’s billion-dollar coatings landscape. The U.S. paint and coating manufacturing industry includes about 950 companies with a combined annual revenue … More

Decked Out

The ins and outs of deck refinishing

PPG Architectural Coatings, SIKKENS(R) PROLUXE(TM) Wood Finishes

Don’t you love baseball-movie analogies, especially if Kevin Costner has any role in it? “If you build it, they will come.” Many homeowners across the country are saying the same thing, and there are no bats or balls or gloves in sight. If we build it, people will come … to entertain, to relax, to enjoy. The next great American pastime is most likely already in millions … More