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Each year, the major players in the coating industry tap into the country’s color consciousness to predict and inform design and color choices for professional customers. How they present those colors varies as dramatically as the colors they predict, from singular Colors of the Year to extensive multicolored palettes. Here’s a look,


In the world of professional painting, the difference between success and failure can come down to something as miniscule as the thickness of a human hair. “When there’s a paint failure, what’s the first thing that someone checks? Yes, you’ve got it; they measure the thickness of the paint you applied,” Bob


Mother Nature can be shockingly cruel. Case in point, it’s estimated that this summer’s hurricanes Harvey and Irma caused nearly $200 billion in damage in Texas and Florida, making them the costliest disasters in U.S. history, according to Moody’s Analytics. Natural disasters such as Harvey and Irma, as well as Hurricane Maria that


Myths can take flight when hatched from ignorance. For instance, fuzzy shadows and doctored photos can perpetuate the lore that a hairy giant roams the Pacific Northwest. However, where’s Bigfoot when you need someone to paint those high ceiling areas? Nick Slavik certainly understands myths. He spends quite a bit of time


We all understand how critical it is to maintain your professional reputation, and using an economy coating might seem counter-productive to that objective. After all, explained Debbie Zimmer, director of the Paint Quality Institute (PQI), these are typically a lower-quality, inexpensive paint that doesn’t provide quite the performance or application benefits one


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