Pro picks: Five pros on their top picks for interior paints

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Do you need vibrant colors or the whitest white? Do you need something durable for a homeowner who insists on a flat sheen? Is scrubbability a key characteristic? Depending on your customers’ needs and budget, your interior paint preference might vary. But all pros have their favorites. Here are a few:       1RYAN GILL: Though his company is just … More

Pro Picks: Four pros weigh in on their favorite specialty coatings


Rusted metal roofing, high-traffic stadium floors, and tile that needs recoating; these are just a few of the project types that the pros featured in this issue’s Pro Picks had to contend with in the recent past. Read on to learn which specialty coating they turned to to tackle the challenge and get the job done right.   BESI JANOVA: With a focus on commercial … More

PRO PICKS: Five pros weigh in on their top exterior paints


Homeowners take pride in their homes, and when they hire you for an exterior painting job, they’re looking for a painter who understands that—and uses high-quality products. Exterior paints need to stand up to the elements; resist mildew and dirt; retain color; and last for years without blistering, flaking and peeling. We asked five pros about their favorite exteriors … More

PRO PICKS: Six pros on their adhesive picks for a variety of job types

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When you’re working on a renovation or construction project, adhesives matter. Whether you’re gluing wood, setting tile, laying floors, attaching crown molding … the adhesive you pick is an important choice. We asked six pros about their favorite adhesives—and what they like about them. Here’s what they had to say 1 ALAN FINNEY: Residential renovations and construction … More

PRO PICKS: Six pros on their go-to exterior stains


Depending upon your location, wood exteriors can take a beating: snow, wind, strong sun, heavy rains. And every project is different. Siding, decks and railings—never mind different types of wood—may call for different stains, so it’s wise to study up on the stain characteristics that will work best for your project. 1. FROM OUR PRO: Skip Byers, owner of Log Home … More

PRO PICKS: 5 pros weigh in on their choice for spray guns

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A lot of painters like the tried and true—the brush and roller. But large jobs and rough textures are great opportunities to bring in the big guns: spray guns. When working with spray guns, proper prep and cleaning are essential. It’s also important to find one (or a few) that work for your particular job types. We asked five painters about their choices. OUR … More

Pro Picks: 5 pros weigh in on their go-to exterior paints


Harsh, cold winters. Hot, humid summers. Torrential rains and blustery winds. Snow, sleet, hail. Yes, exterior paint has to be able to hold up to a wide array of elements. No one wants to see their property peel, crack or blister. And that means hiring a qualified painter—and choosing the right paint for the job. We asked five paint professionals about their go-to … More