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Every day, painting contractors ask me: “What’s the best way to market my painting business? Social media? Email marketing? Mail? Lead services? Canvassing?” Unfortunately, when it comes to marketing, painters always start the conversation with HOW and what medium they should use. Rarely, do they ask: “WHO should I focus my marketing


The Dec 2017/Jan 2018 issue of inPAINT magazine will feature the publication’s annual Product Guide focusing on coatings and applicators. The Guide is organized by product type rather than manufacturer and provides a digestible, at-a-glance overview of specific types of best-in-class coatings and applicators manufacturers want painting professionals to know about. Many


Whether or not you work on paint projects that require LEED compliance, changes made last year by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) could benefit your business when dealing with environmentally conscious customers. Previously, LEED credits were available for indoor paints and coatings applied on-site—with a goal of reducing concentrations of chemical


In the world of spray gun technology and performance, transfer efficiency is simply defined as the amount of paint that actually lands on the substrate versus the paint lost to overspray and the atmosphere. Other than on the day a painting contractor purchases a sprayer, the term probably rarely comes to mind


Mother Nature can be shockingly cruel. Case in point, it’s estimated that this summer’s hurricanes Harvey and Irma caused nearly $200 billion in damage in Texas and Florida, making them the costliest disasters in U.S. history, according to Moody’s Analytics. Natural disasters such as Harvey and Irma, as well as Hurricane Maria that


Customers want to know they’re in good hands and that you, as a trusted contractor, can answer all their questions and get the job done right. So, in the name of customer service, you need to be nimble and anticipate a variety of questions and concerns—and be prepared to assist on color


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