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John Petersen is an Advanced Product Development Specialist in 3M’s Construction and Home Improvement Markets Division. Petersen develops abrasives and spends much of his time in the field with painting professionals, where he finds pain points his team of engineers and developers can eventually remedy. Here’s a common question he hears about…


Like many paint pros this time of year, Joe Campbell, is figuring out how to handle the busy season. But the co-owner of Arizona Painting Company in the Metro Phoenix area is also in the middle of coordinating a summer event called ‘Paint It Forward,’ where his team gives away a $5,000…


Even the most experienced professionals can save time and money with the proper selection and application of tape, says Kacie Baon, category manager for ShurTech Brands LLC, maker of FrogTape brand painter’s tape. Whether you’re a large-scale operation looking for economies or a small business searching for a competitive edge, it’s key…


inPAINT magazine’s recent annual reader survey confirmed that finding qualified workers remains the greatest challenge for survey participants. Resonating as the top challenge with 54% of survey respondents, finding qualified workers was well ahead of time management (25%), finding new business (16%) and estimating (13%). The subject of finding and retaining quality…


Day-to-day interior and exterior paints are the coatings you and your crew typically spend the most time working with, but some jobs require specialty formulations to achieve a certain appearance, performance level, or attribute. Manufacturers are constantly improving and developing new products, so it can be hard to keep up with what’s…


Believe it or not, millennials do ask their neighbors if they know a great painter. No different than previous generations, they value the opinions of friends and others they know. The difference is how they ask their friends, family and neighbors. Unlike their parents, who might have asked at the end of…


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