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Year-end gifts are a fun and traditional way to thank employees for their hard work. But before you start dashing off checks or buying gift cards, make sure the IRS won’t put a damper on the good cheer. THE TAXMAN GRINCH-ETH The taxability of employee gifts depends on their value and the…


When painting professionals answer questions about the technology that helps them most in their business, responses can be a mixed bag. You have some old-school personalities who prefer more manual processes, and others who are willing to test drive the latest app or tech solution out there. In the Jan/Feb issue of…


Painting professionals offer expertise in the best painting application practices, but most are not color experts. That’s why many pros working with customers who need help choosing a color may have some trepidation about offering guidance. In some situations, a pro may even find that they see a color sample completely differently…


One of the trickiest challenges pros face is helping customers make color choices. Overwhelmed with walls of options at their local store, customers often hope their paint professional will help narrow their favorite 30-plus options down to just a few. Here are four color professionals’ proven strategies to help guide color selection…


You’re a pro. You’ve been doing this for a while, and you may even be sought after when it comes to best practices on the job. But when it comes to storing tools, materials or supplies, you may have some old habits that need to die. Here are four tools or materials…


It may sound contradictory to bring on new hires at a time of year when—if you operate in a cold-weather climate—many companies consider trimming personnel. On the other hand, this contrarian thinking could put you ahead of the game come spring when business starts to pick up again and you must add…


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