PRO PICKS: 5 pros on their favorite pressure washers

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Paint pros know the importance of a clean surface—and the value of a trusty pressure washer. Pressure washers come in handy for tasks like prepping decks, siding, and other large surfaces. Noticeable debris, dirt and stains wash away in no time. So we asked five pros to share their recommendations on these hard-working machines. 1 FROM OUR PRO: Craig Hardcastle, … More



You could be the most experienced painter and buy the very best paint and top-of-the-line brushes, rollers and sprayers—but if you aren’t working with a good surface, none of that matters. If you’re working with a large surface that must first be sanded, you’ll want a power sander that is up to the task. So we asked four pros for their … More

Paint Essentials: Why Pros in the Know Choose Premium

Consistency, coverage, and long-term durability are key


Glenn Targac doesn’t believe in shortcuts or giving customers an inferior product. Owner of San Antonio-based Fix Your Home— a remodeling, repair and home-solutions business Targac is all about quality and transparency with his customers. And using a premium coating is Job #1. “My goal is always to educate the customer to use the highest-quality paint their budget will … More

Color Consulting: An Emerging Value-Add Opportunity for Pros

How to integrate this service into a business strategy that yields positive results


Color selection can be a time-consuming and sometimes frustrating process, especially with an indecisive homeowner. But it can also be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for both painting pros and their customers. Incorporating color consulting into a business plan can not only be a cost-effective time saver, but it also provides reassurance when it’s time to choose the … More


Rollers and brushes you may be missing out on


Let’s face it: We’re all creatures of habit. It’s easy to find tools that you trust after years on the job, sometimes to the point that you ignore other options that might make jobs go easier or faster. inPAINT® asked four industry experts about the unsung heroes of the applicator world … read how they answered below. RUSS TAYLOR  l  The Wooster Brush … More




The paint market offers many low- or zero-VOC coatings that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing for commercial environments. As a paint pro, you may be looked to for guidance on the best products, tints or color schemes for a space. In these situations, sometimes leaning on a familiar brand isn’t enough, particularly in office environments where, depending on the … More

PRO PICKS: Six pros on their go-to exterior stains


Depending upon your location, wood exteriors can take a beating: snow, wind, strong sun, heavy rains. And every project is different. Siding, decks and railings—never mind different types of wood—may call for different stains, so it’s wise to study up on the stain characteristics that will work best for your project. 1. FROM OUR PRO: Skip Byers, owner of Log Home … More


Could home-improvement lead-generation services be the key to boosting your business?

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Painting professionals who use online lead-generation services may be able to earn up to tens of thousands of dollars a month if they’re willing to do what it takes to be successful when affiliating with these services. “I pay for being one of three painting pros referred in more than 200 zip codes in eight counties in New Jersey and Pennsylvania,” said Gary Weller, owner … More


Training and resources to expand your skills―and your customer base


THE GOOD NEWS: Painting pros are in demand. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment of painters to grow 7% through 2024, with expectations for overall job prospects and opportunities for industrial painters and coaters to continue to be excellent in coming years. THE BAD NEWS: Many pros are missing out on opportunities to differentiate themselves in … More


Results of our first-ever inPAINT® online survey

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Last month, we reached out to 15,000 of our most engaged online readers of inPAINT magazine’s monthly e-newsletter and asked their opinions on everything from their go-to exterior paints and tapes to sprayers and rollers. We’re happy to share the results with you here, as well as a few of the comments they had to offer in relation to the survey questions. TO ALL WHO … More