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You’ve worked hard to build your business. You’ve invested in the best tools money can buy. Your subcontractors and employees are rock solid. You’ve earned a stellar reputation in your community. But for a lot of business owners, it’s hard to split your focus between working for your customers and marketing your


When it comes to generating new leads for painting contractors, I’ll be the first to say that off-line marketing is still very effective. Yard signs, branding your vehicle, word-of- mouth referrals, sponsoring community events, mailers, door hangers, etc. can all work well to generate new leads. With that being said, consumers are


Concrete is no longer a boring surface to be covered—or ignored. Indeed, stained concrete has grown in popularity for outdoor surfaces, as well as interior floors and countertops in both residential and commercial settings. We asked five pros about their go-to concrete stains. Across the board, they noted that acid staining—while providing


In the world of professional painting, the difference between success and failure can come down to something as miniscule as the thickness of a human hair. “When there’s a paint failure, what’s the first thing that someone checks? Yes, you’ve got it; they measure the thickness of the paint you applied,” Bob


Do you need vibrant colors or the whitest white? Do you need something durable for a homeowner who insists on a flat sheen? Is scrubbability a key characteristic? Depending on your customers’ needs and budget, your interior paint preference might vary. But all pros have their favorites. Here are a few:  


Since 1866, Sherwin-Williams has supplied paint and coatings to homeowners and professional customers in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Today, the company has more than 4,200 neighborhood stores and 2,600 employed representatives in North America. Despite balancing market shifts, economic changes, and product demand, what’s remained consistent over the years is


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