Tackling color suggestions for customers selling their home

Surface protection: doing more than just keep floors clean

Are your bids missing the mark? PM's offer a few reasons why.

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Even in the best of circumstances, achieving clear communication with teams and coworkers can be a challenge. Add non-English speakers to the mix, and the challenge is compounded. With the safety of individuals and the reputation of your company on the line, it’s vitally important to take whatever steps necessary to make…


Most homeowners know a paint refresh is a must when it’s time to sell their home, so paint pros are often asked to make color suggestions when they take on these jobs. Experts at application techniques and choosing quality coatings, some pros can feel out of their element offering advice on color….


Humidity is pretty much a constant here in Charleston, SC so there’s rarely an exterior residential project that doesn’t require some work related to mold and mildew. The first step to tackling the problem is really educating the homeowner on the causes of mold and mildew. The most common conversation we have…


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