3 digital marketing tips for paint pros

by Brian Sodoma

In today’s world, many pros know certain digital marketing tactics can bring in qualified leads. But there’s still a lot of noise out there, and it can be challenging to find the right strategy for your business. Here, Ken Tucker, chief marketing strategist of Changescape Web and author of Content Marketing for Local Search, offers a few inexpensive digital marketing tips that can get results for painters.

1.) Use Facebook ads to power blogs

Facebook has transformed largely into a pay-to-play environment, Tucker notes. You won’t generate much traffic just posting photos and curated content on your page, he says.

Instead, write a blog and post it on your website, then purchase a Facebook ad to drive traffic to the blog. Also, create a 12-month social media campaign to keep driving traffic back to the blog post. You should blog at least twice each month, and set aside an ad budget of $25 to $50 for each post to reach your ideal customers. Facebook ads allow you to specify your target audience by region, demographics and much more. Use Facebook Ad Manager instead of simply boosting the post.

“The benefit here is really in how you can completely customize the audience,” Tucker said. “You can do it by zip code, even psychographics, and you can create target audiences to reuse for multiple lines of service, too.”

Some commercial painters use the same strategy with LinkedIn advertising, Tucker added.

2.) Limit self-promotion

Yes, talking about the excellent work you do is fine, but limit self-promotion to only 15% to 20% of your content. That blog about top colors to boost curb appeal for those selling their home, for example, carries more weight than talking about how good you are, Tucker said. “Keep it educational and entertaining, and talk about how you solve the problems that your customers have—that’s the key,” the pro advised.

3.) Give them something

Keep your website easy to navigate with clear messaging about your services and clear calls to action. But you can even take it a step further by giving something of value to a website visitor who first engages with you.

Offering quizzes, guides or checklists allows the visitor to engage with you. For example, a guide on “10 things to ask a painting contractor before hiring” could work as an effective download to gather an email address. Or, if you don’t ask for the email address, you can still place a tracking code (like a Facebook pixel) that allows you to track and remarket to them on Facebook, based on the specific content they viewed. This allows you to run context-specific ads to only those people who visited your website and are potentially interested in your services.

“For painting clients, the buyer’s journey is a little longer, so when they come to your site for the first time, they’re probably just checking you out,” Tucker said. “That quiz or that checklist allows for some experimentation and they learn there’s more about you to know, like and trust.”

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