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Developed by a team of project managers with years of genuine boots-in-the-field experience, FieldLens works for people on the job site, not just those back in the office.

“The goal of FieldLens is to help the members of a project team—including subcontractors—communicate and collaborate better,” says Julian Clayton, vice president of product (and creator of the PunchList app). “One of the keys to that is having a communications platform that everyone can access. That means by phone, by email, by tablet, or a computer.

The idea is to make information related to every aspect of every job available to everyone involved. So now, instead of waiting for a report at the end of the day to tell you if a floor or room is ready for painting or what needs to happen next, you can check that at any time from any location.”


It doesn’t matter if you’re working with a small team or on a huge project, there’s always a ton of information to be shared. And when that information gets shared in writing, by email, by phone, and by text, some of it inevitably gets lost or goes missed entirely.

FieldLens solves that problem by putting everyone on the same platform. Tasks can be assigned to individuals, companies, or even email addresses (ideal for communicating with subs who aren’t on FieldLens yet) and progress is tracked in real time. If a job finishes ahead of time, the schedule can be changed globally and immediately shared with all involved, ensuring the next trade in line knows it’s showtime. Tasks can be sorted by due date, status, or assignee, and users can add comments or even upload videos or photos to illustrate the challenges they’re facing—or demonstrate work completed.

Plus, the entire history of communication for every aspect of the job is saved and available for viewing by all.


In addition to putting you in touch with team members, FieldLens seamlessly integrates with some of the most common and popular construction software and tools.

You can connect with Navisworks, Revit or Bluebeam and upload files from DropBox, Box, or Google Drive. You can attach drawings, and even mark them up and share them instantly. Plus, you can track time on the job by day or by hour, and eliminate the guesswork of how the job is running.


Unlike other software platforms, FieldLens comes fully loaded (i.e., no sneaky add-on costs later). Every FieldLens account includes the ability to create unlimited projects and items, all with access to the functions of the app, including unlimited photos and videos, and the security of automatic cloud-based backup.

But what about subs who don’t have FieldLens? You can still communicate with them by assigning their tasks to their email address. Updates they send back via email are automatically incorporated into the overall job tracking. Plus, if you set up a company account, you can provide subs access to FieldLens on a project-by-project basis.


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