How manufacturers are inspired to create new and innovative coatings

by Jim Williams

Rust-Oleum Zinsser Watertite Flexible Primer and FinishRyan Amato, owner of Easton, PA-based Amato Painting, prides himself on being customer focused. Voted Lehigh Valley’s Best Painting Company three years running, he seeks out the best products to better serve his customers.

“It’s the little things that make all the difference in this industry,” Amato added. “We relish the idea of making our day more productive and less stressful.”

Sherwin-Williams’ SnapDry Interior/Exterior Acrylic Paint is one product Amato and his customers appreciate. The coating, for use on door trims, dries in as little as one hour after application, which is a time-saver for crews.

“SnapDry eliminates the potential issue of having to leave the front door open for hours after application so it can dry sufficiently,” he said. “The customer doesn’t have to worry about the door sticking and, the best part of all is that, it’s resistant to dirt and fingerprints. We all know our kids love to run up to the door with their not-so-clean hands when the doorbell rings or it’s time to leave. Resistance to UV and weathering are also huge perks of using SnapDry.”

Research and pro feedback helps companies like Sherwin-Williams develop new products.

“With a long history of delivering products to professionals, we’re more committed than ever to developing new products that meet their needs,” said Steve Revnew, senior VP of product innovation at Sherwin-Williams. “We invest millions of dollars each year in research and development to ensure a quality paint for every job­—whether that’s paint with any number of unique features like extended durability, washability, mar-resistance, superior touch-up, zero VOC, low odor, ultra-smooth finish, or one-coat hide.”

Dan Gibbons, Rust-Oleum’s brand manager, said his company relies heavily on input from industry experts and people who use Rust-Oleum products.

“With the launch of Zinsser Odor Killing Primer, we learned from the market and trade professionals that strong odors, including tenants’ pets, smoking habits, or previous fire damage, made people feel uncomfortable living in a residence.” Gibbons said. “The goal was to develop a coating that would seal and kill lingering odors, unlike other products on the market that only mask unpleasant smells for a short period of time. We pride ourselves on promoting a culture of continuous improvement.”

When PPG Paints introduced its next-generation Break-Through! coating, it was in direct response to pros wanting a paint that dries fast and provides excellent adhesion on a variety of surfaces.

“We constantly keep a close eye on what our customers want out of a product and what they need to get the job done. It’s our job to make our customers’ jobs easier,” explained Dan Passinault, PPG’s associate director of innovation, products and execution.

And for Amato, that’s great news.

“We are very thankful for innovative products such as SnapDry, and we look forward to what’s yet to come in the painting industry.”


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