Inside Job: Pro products that help take the work out of interior work

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inPaint Summer 2014-199From what you use to prep to the final paint you put on the wall, quality products get the job done right the first time.

For virtually every substrate and situation, hard-working DAP ALEX caulks provide a solution

inPaint Summer 2014-203Every Pro painter knows that one of the keys to leaving a room looking professionally finished is caulking before painting.

And the caulk more Pro painters turn to for consistent results is DAP ALEX PLUS.

“When it comes to getting the right outcome, caulk is a necessity,” says DAP Senior Product Manager Tim Bilbo. “And DAP ALEX PLUS is the top-selling caulk in America. It’s waterproof, it’s paintable, it’s flexible, and it works on a variety of substrates. Precisely what Pros need.”

Recognizing that another important need for Pros is time, DAP ALEX Fast Dry offers the same benefits of DAP ALEX PLUS, and a fast-drying formula that’s ready to paint in a quarter of the time.

Bilbo notes, “While DAP ALEX PLUS is ready to paint in two hours, DAP ALEX Fast Dry is ready to go in just half an hour. That time savings can make the difference between getting another job done before the day’s over—or not.”

Another Pro challenge DAP has addressed is gap flexibility.

“Think of a crown molding with layers of different woods that shrink at different rates,” says Bilbo. “It might look great the day the job is done but a year out, it’s not always pretty.”

To solve the gapping issue, DAP created DAP ALEX FLEX. Designed to address the worst-case scenarios in gap flexibility, it allows for up to 25% joint movement.

No matter what you’re trying to overcome—a tight schedule, multiple substrates, new wood—DAP has a solution.

MARQUEE® stain-blocking interior paint & primer: The one-coat coverage solution the paint world has been waiting for

inPaint Summer 2014-32It’s one thing to talk about one-coat coverage; it’s another thing to guarantee it. But that’s precisely what Behr is doing with its all-new MARQUEE Interior One-Coat Color Collection.*

According to Behr Process Corporation Product Manager Diane Whitmer, “MARQUEE [interior paint & primer] is the most advanced interior paint and primer developed by Behr yet—delivering high-performance one-coat coverage with every color in the exclusive color collection.”

Whitmer notes that each and every new color in the color collection was designed to push the color boundaries of traditional one-coat color collections. “Prior one-coat color collections consisted of hues that were muted and more neutral. The new MARQUEE palette provides deeper, brighter, and more saturated colors.”

Along with superior coverage, Behr is issuing a guarantee*: If one-coat coverage is not achieved when this product is tinted with a color from the new color collection, then Behr will provide the customer with additional paint in the same color and sheen, up to the amount originally purchased, or a full refund.

The MARQUEE Interior One-Coat Color Collection features 372 total colors arranged in six exclusive lifestyle palettes, and is available at The Home Depot in select markets.

To learn more, visit or contact your local BEHRPro® Rep for a demo by calling 877-776-3961 or visiting

*For details, visit:

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