Mileage Apps That Go the Distance

by inPAINT

road_skyIn the past, tracking mileage was one of those ‘easier said than done’ kind of tasks. But thanks to a host of new apps, it’s frankly never been easier.

Designed to operate on virtually any type of smartphone, mileage apps make it possible to keep track of mileage for a single vehicle or an entire fleet. Most include reporting options that seamlessly integrate with the most popular accounting software, and there are a couple that auto-start when you turn on your vehicle. In other words, you can stop cursing yourself for failing to remember to punch your odometer in the morning and start enjoying the time you’ll save not having to key your mileage info into your computer every week.

Another key feature found on a few apps is automatic daily backup. According to Steve Books, cofounder and CEO of TrackMyDrive, daily backups by a third party give you added security in two ways. “First,” says Books, “you don’t have to worry about your data. So should you drop your phone in a bucket of paint or simply lose it, your mileage tracking isn’t gone with it. You just log back in with your new phone and you’re good to go.” In addition, notes Books, should the IRS ever come questioning your mileage, you’ve got a third-party backup of all your accounting, as opposed to a spreadsheet you pulled together on April 14th.

As with all apps, there are lots of different options and pricing configurations to consider. Here are some of the more popular options to consider:



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