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Tools of the TradeHarcoPaint® MiracleWipes! offer quick and convenient cleanup for hands, surfaces and tools.

Tucked up in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Harco BrandsTM has quietly built an outstanding reputation for itself by developing cleaning products for some of the dirtiest work environments around—mining, manufacturing, automotive, and all manner of industrial fields.

Thankfully, the folks at Harco recently turned their attention to the paint world. The result is HarcoPaint MiracleWipes!

Featuring a powerful blend of coconut oil extracts, organic compounds, and other proprietary ingredients, the wipes remove paint, caulk, oil, lubricants, resins, tars, adhesives, cutting oils, inks, and other contaminants. They’re great for cleaning hands, a multitude of surfaces and tools, as well as prepping walls, doors and trim for painting.

Unlike other smooth wipes, MiracleWipes’ unique dual-texture surface actually locks in contaminants including uncured paint (latex, oil, urethane, epoxy), caulk, oil, urethane foam, fiberglass resin, grease, pine pitch and even ink. Whether you’re prepping for a job or finishing one up, what gets wiped up stays wiped up and doesn’t smear or redeposit on your work surface or hands.

MiracleWipes are also safe to use on paint guns, nozzles, prep tools, and overspray remediation. Each wipe absorbs 600% its weight in paint, making cleanup fast and efficient.

BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA® Stain-blocking Interior Paint & Primer in One—the high-tech solution to down-home problems

behrpro-paint-winter2014Kitchens, mudrooms, hallways and family rooms … these are the areas of the home that get used—and abused—the most. Whatever paint goes up on the walls has to not only look great, it has to resist all manner of scuffs and scrapes, and clean up easily.

It was with those challenges in mind that the BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA interior paint line was developed.

A 100% acrylic paint and primer in one, this product is formulated with the impressive NANOGUARD® technology. In a nutshell, NANOGUARD uses an interlocking molecular structure to offer a denser, more durable paint film. When dry, the paint forms a protective outer shell that resists dirt, stains, moisture, and even sunlight.

As tempting as it is to think that this kind of high-tech solution must only come in Gunmetal Gray, you’ll be happy to learn it’s actually tintable to more than 2,000 colors. Another bonus of Behr’s formulation is the durability and long-lasting ‘look new’ finish of every color in every finish.

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