Porch connects homeowners to professionals

by Meghann Finn Sepulveda

porch-logo-standard.1Earlier this year, John Linebaugh recognized it was time to refresh the exterior paint of his 20-year-old home, located in Federal Way, a small suburb just outside Seattle, WA. At the time, Linebaugh also needed a home generator, and contacted Lowe’s for a quote. Following the appointment, he asked about a referral for a good painter in the area. The response: Try

Matching homeowners to professionals

Since 2013, Porch has connected hundreds of thousands of industry pros with homeowners and jobs through its comprehensive online search tool. The site gives pros the opportunity to gain qualified homeowner referrals and leads.

Last year, Porch expanded its network channels and entered into a strategic partnership with Lowe’s at 1,720 stores across the country, helping customers find local, reputable professionals for home-improvement projects.

Explore Porch

When he visited Porch, Linebaugh was quickly drawn to Three Sixty Solutions, the first professional painting company that appeared in his search based on the type of industry he selected and the zip code he entered.

“It was the first time I ever went to the site,” Linebaugh said. “The photos really caught my eye.”

Linebaugh was so impressed with Three Sixty Solutions’ Porch profile that he made a call. He credits those photos, featuring a variety of home-improvement projects, for inspiring him to reach out.

Securing the job

Linebaugh was surprised to receive an immediate return call from Three Sixty Solutions’ president and founder, Jeff Clark. The two were able to quickly discuss a quote and schedule the project.

Clark, who joined Porch in 2014, had never previously advertised his business.

“I have been really happy with the simplicity and design of Porch,” he said. “I have seen a steady increase in clients and will continue to be a Porch pro.”

Clark was eager to speak with Linebaugh to address his exterior painting needs.

“Jeff really knows about paint,” Linebaugh said. “I was extremely satisfied with his work,”

Linebaugh says Clark and his team not only performed a thorough and professional job, but they also kept the work site clean and organized every night. Linebaugh was so happy with the outcome that he wrote an online review to share his positive experience.

While Linebaugh doesn’t foresee any immediate home-improvement needs, he wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Porch to find a professional.

“I would definitely use Porch again,” he added. “It was a good experience, from start to finish.”

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