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Behr6_spreads-143From tapes and tarps to coatings and brushes, every tool you bring to the job is an investment in your business. Use the wrong tool and you could find yourself doing the job over—and losing time, money, and a bit of your reputation in the process. It’s important to pick products that are specifically designed for the task at hand. The right tool will not only help you get the job done faster, it will ensure you get it right the first time.

KILZ MAX® primer and KILZ MAX® clear primer: bringing relief to disaster restoration

Behr6_spreads-141After a disaster, there’s nothing that home and business owners want more than to get things back to normal. That includes getting back into their home or office fast, and with no lingering signs of what went wrong.

“More and more, restoration specialists are turning to KILZ MAX primer to tackle the dirty work of fire and flood recovery,” says Tim O’Reilly, Senior Product Manager for BEHRPro® Services, Behr Process Corporation. “Not only does it block aggressively bleeding stains from fire and water, it also seals in odors brilliantly and is a lot easier to use.”

This water-based product offers some significant advantages over traditional oil-based primers and shellacs, which require excellent ventilation, the use of charcoal-filter respirators, and must be cleaned with solvents. Also, appropriate hazardous waste disposal requirements must be followed.

“Compared to KILZ MAX primer, there’s a lot of added effort that goes into the use of traditional products,” explains O’Reilly. “This product is very low odor, it cleans up with just tap water and a little soap, and it offers a better safety profile in that it’s not going to catch on fire. Frankly, it’s just infinitely easier to use.”

KILZ MAX clear primer offers the advantage of complete transparency in painting. “This is a big deal in states where all wiring must be inspected by a fire marshal after restoration,” says O’Reilly. “In the past, if you sprayed over the wiring with a primer, you’d have to tear it all out and rewire. This product eliminates that possibility altogether. The job gets done faster, and the home or business owner gets back into their space much quicker.”

O’Reilly also notes that in addition to the ‘clear’ difference between KILZ MAX primer and KILZ MAX clear primer, the latter also offers the added bonus of a very effective mildew-resistant film. He says, “It’s the first product I’m aware of that blocks stains, odors, and delivers a mildew-resistant film.” To learn more visit

Wooster Chinex FTP: a long-lasting, hard-working brush designed for today’s paints and primers

Behr6_spreads-144Every pro knows that without the right brush, even the best-quality paints and primers won’t perform well.

The tool of choice for many pros, especially when it comes to high-solid products, is the Wooster Chinex FTP.

As Chad Mullins, research engineer at The Wooster Brush Company, explains, “The stiffness of Wooster Chinex FTP paintbrushes carries more solids to the wall, and offers additional control for spreading coatings out evenly. Other brushes may require pros to spend more time in the bucket or can in order to achieve the same, even application.”

Further, Chinex FTP paintbrushes are designed to retain moisture during use, which means they’re perfect for working with coatings designed to dry quickly. Plus, the added moisture retention helps at clean-up time, as the brush is less likely to dry out or gum up during use.

Mullins notes, “A brush that cleans up easily and has a better wear-life will get more use, and therefore has added value for the pro painter. It won’t need to be replaced as fast as other tools would in these types of coatings.” To learn more visit

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