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Uneven surfaces like stucco and cinder block can eat up a lot of time when applying coatings. But some clever folks at several manufacturers have developed products that cut application time and make easy work of tough surfaces.

Graco’s JetRoller gets the job done in half the time

gracoIntroduced last year, Graco’s JetRoller is fast becoming a favorite of pros working on both uneven and smooth surfaces. Really a three-in-one accessory, the JetRoller includes an inline gun with a replaceable filter in the handle, a 20″ extension pole, and an adjustable roller handle. The entire unit is industry compatible so you can continue to use your favorite 9″ roller covers and up to 9′ of extension pole. Compatible with all Graco Pro sprayers, the JetRoller lets you spray and backroll all in one action.

According to Mark Andersen, Graco parts and product manager, “The sprayer provides a continuous feed to the wall just below the roller, so you never have to stop and dip the roller. It literally turns a two-man job into a one-man job.”

Andersen also notes, “The pressure for the JetRoller is just 1000 psi to minimize overspray. It’s a great solution for interior surfaces that you might have been hesitant to spray in the past for fear of mess, as well as for outdoor spray jobs on windy days. The pressure’s low and the roller catches any overspray.”

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Textured surfaces are no match or Wooster’s Polar Bear roller cover

WoosterPolarBearWhile nooks and crannies might be a great thing in your morning muffin, dealing with them when rolling over rough or textured surfaces isn’t so pleasant. Simply put, not every roller is up to the job.

“For stucco, knock-down textures, and other rough surfaces, we have a unique solution with the Polar Bear roller cover,” says Sharon Dentz, customer programs coordinator for The Wooster Brush Company.

Speaking of the roller’s fluffy nap, she adds, “The fabric is composed of tiny fibers that are twisted into fine, little tufts that reach into the surface texture and create a smooth finish.” Made for use with flat, eggshell or satin paints, stains, waterproofing sealers and primers, Polar Bear fabric also works well with metallic paints and glazes.

Available in 4″ and 6″ Jumbo-Koter minirollers as well as 9″ and 18″ full-size rollers, Polar Bear covers fit standard roller handles.

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Purdy XL Elite Series makes smooth work of rough surfaces

PurdyPurdy has a long history of producing quality brushes that yield a smooth finish. And thanks to their line of XL Elite brushes, you can achieve the same smooth, professional look on uneven surfaces with even the most challenging coatings.

“The XL Elite collection is a great choice for uneven surfaces,” says Marcelo Orchon, Purdy product manager. “Using a blend of high-performance DuPont solid, round and tapered (SRT), Chinex and Orel filaments, it works well with any type of paint and stain—especially, high-solid, low-VOC paints and heavy-bodied latex coatings that can be difficult to apply smoothly.”

Available in both angular and straight trim models and in sizes from 1″ to 3,” Purdy’s XL Elite brushes hold paint well and clean easily, so you can spend more time getting the job done right.

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Scotch Masking Tape for Concrete, Brick, and Grout (#2060)

3mIt’s not enough to have the right applicator for uneven surfaces, you also have to have the right tape.

Designed to offer high adhesion on rough, uneven, or hard-to-stick surfaces, Scotch Masking Tape for Concrete, Brick, and Grout is the first choice for many pros. In addition to excellent adhesion to challenging surfaces, it doesn’t lift or curl, and produces an excellent paint line. Plus, it removes with little or no adhesive transfer for up to three days after application. For best results, tape should be removed at a 90˚ angle. May also be used use with lacquer coatings.

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