The bold and the traditional

by Amanda Haar

MidwestHouse1of2Ask any architectural color consultant and most will agree: there’s something happening in the American landscape.

“We are witnessing a new attraction for bold, bright, individualistic choices,” says architectural color consultant Amy Krane of Amy Krane Color in Ghent, N.Y. “Front doors, shutters, and other accent areas are all serving as a place for pops of color.”

Another interesting trend is the use of black, especially on home exteriors.

“On the right home in the right setting the choice is bold and powerful,” Krane notes. While black was mostly used for ultra-modern constructions, it is now making an appearance on farmhouses, colonial homes, even Victorians.

But generally speaking, bold colors are being used as accents to traditional color schemes and palettes. Given the visibility and longevity of an exterior paint job, homeowners tend to stay close to traditional regional color schemes that work with the landscape and the environment.

Krane adds, “Choosing colors that are very uncommon for a particular area will cause raised eyebrows by neighbors and might affect resale value. It’s best to find individuality within the confines of the local norms as opposed to outside of it.”

When guiding customer color choices, it pays to offer color palettes that both enhance the appeal and value of the home, but also the opportunity to express personal style.


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