The latest tape tech to meet the needs of a wide range of job demands

by Amanda Haar

No matter the type of work you specialize in—interior or exterior, residential or commercial or industrial—every job comes with its own unique demands, requiring you to choose the right tape for the job.

Fortunately, tape manufacturers have kept pace with ever-changing coating and substrate options and now offer a wide range of products for a variety of settings. Here, we take a look at a half dozen products that go a little above and beyond for specific situations and needs.

PROMASK BLUE: stands up to the sun

Designed to hold up on both exterior and interior surfaces exposed to direct sun, this tape gets the job done without leaving a baked-on mess. Using a specially formulated pressure-sensitive, synthetic-rubber adhesive, the fine crepe paper tape can handle exposure for up to 14 days.

TRIMACO BLUEDGE PROFESSIONAL PAINTING MASKING TAPE: the inside or out, stained or painted solution

The utility player of the tape world, this tape does it all. This durable crepe paper tape can be left in place up to 14 days and works for both interior and exterior settings and on substrates that include: drywall, glass, hardwood floors, and wood trim. No matter the substrate or setting, removal is clean and easy—even when it has been exposed to direct sunlight.

SCOTCHBLUE PLATINUM EXTERIOR PAINTER’S TAPE: holds tight on tough surfaces and through bad weather

Heat, humidity, wind, sun and rain don’t stand a chance against this durable tape. Featuring a unique micro-grid backing that provides excellent holding power on surfaces including caulk, metal, vinyl, wood, laminate and glass, the tape tears quickly and straight, and removes cleanly for up to seven days.

TESA 4439 PRECISION MASK OUTDOOR: eight weeks’ worth of protection

Featuring an extra-thin but strong paper backing, this durable tape is suited for almost all outdoor paints—including lacquers. The acrylic adhesive holds tight for up to eight weeks on a variety of surfaces, removes cleanly, and leaves precise edges.

XFASTEN BLUE PAINTERS TAPE: long lasting and curl resistant

For those jobs that run long, this is a tape you can trust to make the job go smoothly from start to finish. Formulated not to curl, it streamlines application. Once it’s up, you can leave it in place up to two months without any gaps in adhesion. Plus, it lifts easily and works well on delicate surfaces including untreated or treated wood panels, glass, metal, porcelain, tiles, and textured surfaces.

FROGTAPE BRAND DELICATE SURFACE PAINTER’S TAPE: the first choice for fresh paint

Featuring a special low-adhesion formula, this tape is ideal for masking delicate surfaces including fresh paint, wallpaper, veneer, and vinyl and decorative/faux finishes. It has FrogTape’s exclusive PaintBlock Technology that seals the edges of the tape to prevent paint bleed, yet removes cleanly for up to 60 days.

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