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Many pros like to keep tape selection simple; some even carry only one type of tape to every jobsite. But sometimes work types dictate that something different may be needed. If you’re a pro who’s not getting the results you’re looking for from a tape you’ve used for a long time, a website tool from Scotch Painter’s Tape could help you confidently choose another option that’s right for the situation.

A few clicks and you have your answer

The product selection tool first has the user choose between ‘indoor’ and ‘outdoor’ scenarios. After that, specifics about the surface can be answered in one or two more questions.

If it’s indoor work, for example, the user chooses which category: ‘baseboard & trim,’ ‘walls & ceiling,’ ‘floors’ or ‘other interior surfaces.’ Each selection then has more detailed options, such as concrete, brick, countertops, and even specific baseboard trim material types. Depending on choices made, it may even ask if the surface is smooth or textured.

Bottom line: after a user clicks the ‘Get Started’ button, regardless of the situation, a suggestion for the appropriate tape product is just a few clicks away.

Tape recommendations quick and easy

The selection tool suggests a tape for the user without the need to read up on tape qualities if in a hurry, but if a user does want to learn more about all the Scotch brand tape offerings, a guide with a chart matching job types to tape recommendations is also available.

With new tapes hitting the market, sometimes it can be difficult to separate the general benefits of a product from the actual value it may bring to a pro’s specific work situation. These tools can point any pro in the right direction.

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