Tools Designed to Better Protect Your Most Valuable Asset—YOU

by inPAINT

Every pro knows that keeping your equipment in good working order is essential to keeping your business and every job running smoothly. And when you get right down to it, your most important piece of equipment is you. In this issue, we look at two tools designed to reduce wear and tear on your body; specifically your knees.


The lowly drop cloth usually gets no respect. It gets stepped on, spilled on, and lots of guys just ball them up and shove them in the truck at the end of the job. But Trimaco has developed a drop cloth that not only earns respect, but appreciation, too.Trimaco Quick Drop_90027_packaging

Here’s why:

The Trimaco Quick Drop is all the things a drop cloth is supposed to be in terms of durability and leak resistance. But in addition to that, Quick Drop also features a 4-mmt-hick foam padding that your knees will truly appreciate.

Measuring 2′ x 7,’ Quick Drop unfolds accordion-style for quick and easy placement against a straight length of wall or countertop. The leak-proof canvas is tear-resistant and features a no-slip backing, meaning once it’s put in place, it stays in place.

When the job’s done, you and your happy knees will appreciate the easy-fold pickup and storage.

Trimaco Quick Drop is available at Ace Hardware, Grainger, Sherwin-Williams and Orchard Supply Hardware stores across the country.


At first glance, you might mistake Redbacks knee pads for some sort of filter device and wonder what it fell out of. But that funny construction is what sets Redbacks apart from other knee pads; not only in looks but performance.

RedbacksInsertPkgConstructed from a flexible rubber, Redbacks use a ‘leaf spring’ technology that actually dissipates your weight across the entire pad, reducing the amount of pressure on your knees. The soft matrix (and downright springy) structure protects your knees from hard and cold surfaces or even a misplaced screwdriver. Plus, waffle-like construction allows air to move freely through the pad, putting an end to sweaty knees.

And in a significant improvement over foam inserts, Redbacks have memory. Meaning no matter what you shove them in or how many buckets of paint you accidentally leave sitting on them overnight, they’ll always return to the proper shape. Redbacks are available in both insert and strap-on designs.

Redbacks are available online via and will be making an appearance on selected retailer shelves in late 2015.

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