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Pro picks: Five pros on their top picks for interior paints

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Do you need vibrant colors or the whitest white? Do you need something durable for a homeowner who insists on a flat sheen? Is scrubbability a key characteristic? Depending on your customers’ needs and budget, your interior paint preference might vary. But all pros have their favorites. Here are a few:       1RYAN GILL: Though his company is just … More

The inPAINT interview: Industry perspective – trends and product innovation

Jeff Winter

Since 1866, Sherwin-Williams has supplied paint and coatings to homeowners and professional customers in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Today, the company has more than 4,200 neighborhood stores and 2,600 employed representatives in North America. Despite balancing market shifts, economic changes, and product demand, what’s remained consistent over the … More


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What both new and experienced home buyers want in renovations

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The recently published 2017 Houzz & Home survey offers overall good news for pros, and some very specific information that could be key to winning new work. According to Nino Sitchinava, principal economist at, “Over half of 100,000 homeowners surveyed by Houzz planned to continue or start renovations in 2017, and planned to spend an average of $27,300— a 4% … More

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Create a Business That Serves You

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If you are like most painting business owners, you put immense effort into your business. You serve customers well and you take care of your workers. But you, like many others, forget to serve the most important person in your business: You. Think about when you started your business. You probably started out with the idea your business would provide you financial … More