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You could be the most experienced painter and buy the very best paint and top-of-the-line brushes, rollers and sprayers—but if you aren’t working with a good surface, none of that matters. If you’re working with a large surface that must first be sanded, you’ll want a power sander that is up to the task. So we asked four pros for their … More

Paint Essentials: Why Pros in the Know Choose Premium


Glenn Targac doesn’t believe in shortcuts or giving customers an inferior product. Owner of San Antonio-based Fix Your Home— a remodeling, repair and home-solutions business Targac is all about quality and transparency with his customers. And using a premium coating is Job #1. “My goal is always to educate the customer to use the highest-quality paint their budget will … More



Take the Long View


Many entrepreneurs start a business because they suffer from what author Michael Gerber terms in his book, The E Myth, as ‘entrepreneurial seizures,’ meaning they’re really good at what they do and think they could run their own business better than their boss—or they want the freedom of owning their own business. So you start a painting business and you go along for a few … More

Paint roller in tray

Q: How Does Offering Tiered Service Pricing Work for Your Business?

Paint roller in tray

A: First, in order to develop my system, I had to learn everything I could about estimating. It was important to pay attention to how many man-hours it took to complete the painting process. So I kept a log sheet for every job I’ve ever done: what I did, when I did it, how long it took. After a few years, I could look at a potential project and estimate that a high-quality … More