Inside the customer experience:

How you conduct yourself and your business matters


A customer’s perception of how successful a project is among the most valuable feedback a painting professional can receive. The challenge for the paint pro can be deciphering the customer’s true opinion when there may have been a few minor concerns or issues on the job. To help paint pros understand the customer perspective, we interviewed managers and directors connected … More

Think like your client to land commercial work

Sometimes, the only way to know if your customer thinks you performed well on a project is whether they hire you back for another project. When it comes to commercial work, it also helps to understand what commercial property managers and executives are really looking for in a paint crew that delivers beyond finishing the job on time and on budget. To help ensure your next … More


Could home-improvement lead-generation services be the key to boosting your business?

match maker

Painting professionals who use online lead-generation services may be able to earn up to tens of thousands of dollars a month if they’re willing to do what it takes to be successful when affiliating with these services. “I pay for being one of three painting pros referred in more than 200 zip codes in eight counties in New Jersey and Pennsylvania,” said Gary Weller, owner … More

Data shows consumers going digital to find painters


Whether or not you rely on home-improvement online lead-generation services like Angie's List, HomeAdvisor, Porch, Paintzen or EasyPaint to grow your business, the data they collect about consumer interest in painting services may be helpful to you. HomeAdvisor claims to be the nation’s largest digital home services marketplace. In 2015, it reported 10 million homeowners … More

Building Relationships

Connecting with construction contractors can be key to winning new business

Building Relationships

Relationships with general contractors who build new homes or work in commercial construction can lead to steady business and plenty of regular income, but professional painters and builders say you have to know what to expect when looking for and accepting jobs offered by builders. A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY Most builders who don’t maintain an in-house painting staff rely on … More

The ‘Fifth Wall’

Paint manufacturers offer tips for painting ceilings

You may never paint anything as grand as the Sistine Chapel, but that doesn’t mean ceilings aren’t an important part of your business. In fact, said Tim O’Reilly of Behr Process Corporation, it’s probably a good idea to convince homeowner customers to repaint their ceilings at the same time they’re repainting walls. “When you don’t repaint ceilings, they can look dingy, no … More

Getting Your Foot in the Door

What property managers look for in painting contractors


Your next painting job might come from anywhere, and networking could be the key. Many painting contractors have discovered that property-management companies can be a source of steady work. If you’ve been wondering how to build relationships with residential property managers, keep in mind there’s an art to getting onto a list of preferred painting contractors. Not … More

Work with builders to boost business

Three supervisors watch a scaffolding worker

Working with residential or commercial builders can be a great revenue stream. To maximize that opportunity, several building industry experts say its important to keep these tips in mind. Have solid vendor relationships. In addition to contacting your paint supplier, “A builder who’s a prospective customer may ask the manager of the hardware store or lumber yard you do … More

No ‘ceiling’ on color choices


When a customer asks you to repaint ceilings, is a shade of white your immediate go-to color? It doesn’t have to be, many color experts say. “I think it’s important to choose a coordinating ceiling color with the wall color,” said Dee Schlotter, senior color marketing manager for PPG Paints. “If walls are a neutral blue, gray would complement nicely on the ceiling, … More

Eight DON’Ts to remember with property managers


If you want to build relationships with residential property managers to boost business, there are things to keep in mind as you set out to introduce yourself and your services to this group of professionals. Property managers want painting pros to be honest about their abilities, but they also urge them not to give up if no jobs result from a first interview. That said, there … More