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Losing employees at any skill level takes a toll on a business. With the hard costs associated with rehiring ranging from 16% to 20% of annual salary for low- and mid-level wage earners and a whopping 200+% for senior staff—plus the less-tangible soft costs including loss of expertise, missed deadlines, and reduced…


With the exterior painting season in full swing, there are many pros who prefer to pressure wash as a first step to prepping a surface for paint or stain. Pressure-washing strategies have evolved through the years and gone are the days of cranking up the machine to 4000 PSI and potentially damaging…


Homeowners constantly search the internet for home-improvement answers, and these searches can attract visitors to your website where they can become potential leads. Blogging is a valuable tool that allows you to capture those visitors with greater frequency. While most business owners today understand the value of blogging, they often face the…


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