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“I think green is still relevant” says Dan Ross of Ross Painting, based in San Rafael, CA. “The reason I feel so strongly about green products is that the people affected the most by carcinogens in materials are the painters in my crew. The homeowners are exposed for a while, but we’re…


Whether or not you work on paint projects that require LEED compliance, changes made last year by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) could benefit your business when dealing with environmentally conscious customers. Previously, LEED credits were available for indoor paints and coatings applied on-site—with a goal of reducing concentrations of chemical…


Let’s face it: When you’re eager to lay down that first coat of primer or paint, cleaning up dust from drywall or sanding isn’t anybody’s idea of a party. The good news is that sanding systems—which incorporate a vacuum with a hand or motorized sander—continue to become easier to use and more…


Maintaining your spray equipment—using the appropriate cleaning solution after every job and keeping filters and pumps in good working order—will help keep your gear out of the shop. “Paint is an adhesive,” says Chris Noto, director of professional product development at sprayer manufacturer Titan Tool. “When you don’t clean the sprayer between…


Finding the right employees can be a challenge— and laws, rules and regulations make the process even more complex. Pre-hire background checks and drug testing are highly regulated areas, with oversight from federal agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC), not to mention what’s required…


Some of the advantages of shifting into commercial painting are obvious, such as larger job sizes and the potential for recurring projects from property managers or general contractors who like your work, which in turn reduces your marketing costs. And, of course, commercial jobs have a reputation for being more profitable—under the…


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