Color Consulting: An Emerging Value-Add Opportunity for Pros

How to integrate this service into a business strategy that yields positive results


Color selection can be a time-consuming and sometimes frustrating process, especially with an indecisive homeowner. But it can also be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for both painting pros and their customers. Incorporating color consulting into a business plan can not only be a cost-effective time saver, but it also provides reassurance when it’s time to choose the … More

The Beauty of Color Consulting

Choosing the right palette adds value, saves time and increases revenue

Young designer working with color palette

Whether it’s soft and creamy or edgy and bold, there are hundreds of paint colors that reflect a customer’s personality. However, assisting homeowners with color selection can sometimes prove to be time-consuming and challenging. That’s why more pros are hiring professional color consultants to guide the overall color process and ensure customers are happy with the end … More


The right tools & techniques can ensure high-quality results


It’s common industry knowledge that the key to a great paint job is the prep work. Prepping not only saves money and time, but it creates a quality final finish. Today, there are many products on the market—from power tools and adhesion tapes to specialized primers and coatings—that are available to assist pros with interior surface prep work. BEST … More

Inspiring & Connecting Homeowners to Industry Professionals


As a data-driven entrepreneur, this thought inspired him to create an online tool for homeowners so they could easily connect with professionals in all areas of home maintenance, improvement and renovation—from plumbing and lawn care to painting and roofing. Today, has grown from a small start-up to a trusted online network employing a team of more than 400 and … More

Porch connects homeowners to professionals

How one Porch user found the right paint pro for his home-improvement project


Earlier this year, John Linebaugh recognized it was time to refresh the exterior paint of his 20-year-old home, located in Federal Way, a small suburb just outside Seattle, WA. At the time, Linebaugh also needed a home generator, and contacted Lowe’s for a quote. Following the appointment, he asked about a referral for a good painter in the area. The response: Try … More