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With the exterior painting season in full swing, there are many pros who prefer to pressure wash as a first step to prepping a surface for paint or stain. Pressure-washing strategies have evolved through the years and gone are the days of cranking up the machine to 4000 PSI and potentially damaging…


John Seidensticker serves as the senior VP of professional sales for Behr Paint Company. He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the professional sales and business development strategy and execution throughout the U.S. Q: How can a paint manufacturer’s service offerings be most helpful to the pro painter amid COVID-19? A:…


Homeowners constantly search the internet for home-improvement answers, and these searches can attract visitors to your website where they can become potential leads. Blogging is a valuable tool that allows you to capture those visitors with greater frequency. While most business owners today understand the value of blogging, they often face the…


During the COVID-19 shutdown, painting professionals around the country either went into hibernation, shifted to exterior work, or some combination of the two. And with so many people stuck at home, home improvement became a hot topic. Painting was no exception. In fact, paint-related keyword searches increased 700% over the course of…


With the economy gaining steam, painting professionals are forced to approach customer service a little differently in the post-lockdown world. Customers probably have the same old expectations from pros when it comes to quality, but executing bids and work itself is now filled with lingering pandemic uncertainties about personal contact and safety….


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