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Jason Lunn is a 3M application engineering specialist for safety products. He oversees the training and education for a wide variety of safety products, including respirators. Here, he tackles a question that painting professionals often ask about reusable respirators. Q: How do I know when to change my cartridge and/or filter on…


Seán McCabe has devoted a lot of time and thought to the process of hiring. The author of The Hiring Mindset: How to avoid universal pitfalls when building amazing teams says it’s time business owners and hiring managers reframe their thinking on the hiring process. “If you view your people purely as…


Safety. Cleanliness. Professionalism. Underfoot surface protection can involve a lot more than the preservation of a finished floor in or near a home or commercial environment. How your crews go about protecting surfaces reflects on your company’s dedication to doing the job right. There are a lot of good options for keeping…


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