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There is a myth among the painting industry that HOAs always go with the lowest bidder for painting projects. While this is sometimes true, holding onto the belief that they always choose the lowest bidder can cost you opportunities. As someone who has made a conscious effort to pursue HOA projects, I…


Paint manufacturers’ color marketing experts who, every year, identify paint color trends, wear more hats than you might imagine. They’re well-versed in social science, demographics, pop culture, technology, spirituality, art, and even weather patterns—because these create or influence societal trends. It’s those trends that they then try to translate into color. These…


In the heavy-lifting world of painting, a bad back is bad news. Given that, for this issue we picked two tools specifically designed to reduce the wear and tear on your back. While neither is new to the market, we’ve heard enough good things about them that we thought they were worth…


FOR YEARS NOW, Google has been an affordable place for home-improvement contractors to generate their own leads. The introduction of the ‘Local Places’ section allowed contractors to be displayed high on the first page with only their business information needed. You didn’t even need a web site to promote your business on…


PAYING YOURSELF LAST IS A STRATEGY TO GET BY, NOT A STRATEGY FOR SUCCESS Many painting contractors (and other small-business owners) end up paying themselves by what’s left over at the end of the month after other expenses are paid. By paying yourself that way, you often end up with a big…


Developed by a team of project managers with years of genuine boots-in-the-field experience, FieldLens works for people on the job site, not just those back in the office. “The goal of FieldLens is to help the members of a project team—including subcontractors—communicate and collaborate better,” says Julian Clayton, vice president of product…


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