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PAYING YOURSELF LAST IS A STRATEGY TO GET BY, NOT A STRATEGY FOR SUCCESS Many painting contractors (and other small-business owners) end up paying themselves by what’s left over at the end of the month after other expenses are paid. By paying yourself that way, you often end up with a big…


Developed by a team of project managers with years of genuine boots-in-the-field experience, FieldLens works for people on the job site, not just those back in the office. “The goal of FieldLens is to help the members of a project team—including subcontractors—communicate and collaborate better,” says Julian Clayton, vice president of product…


As a data-driven entrepreneur, this thought inspired him to create an online tool for homeowners so they could easily connect with professionals in all areas of home maintenance, improvement and renovation—from plumbing and lawn care to painting and roofing. Today, has grown from a small start-up to a trusted online network…


The common link between all the various types of primer is that it is their job to prepare a surface and make it suitable for a topcoat. Not all primers, however, are created equal. When you’ve got a challenging surface—whether it’s a slick substrate or a compromised one—a bonding or adhesive primer…


Josh Abramson is a man who knows how to follow up on a vision. In 1987, at just 19, after dropping out of school, Abramson had a dream of working for himself. He enrolled in a trade school to learn the art of wallpapering and found he was very good at it….


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