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Requests for textured drywall surfaces are more common in new construction and remodeling jobs than ever before. While typically applied to ceilings, interior walls are now often included in the texturing process as well. In addition to achieving a desired look, finishing walls with a specific texture finish can help hide blemishes,…


Most painting professionals have a go-to exterior paint brand or specific coating preference for most jobs. These preferences are likely driven by some combination of pricing, quality, customer preferences, as well as other regional factors such as weather. We spoke with five painting professionals around the country to learn which exterior coatings…


Deck season isn’t over after the summer months have passed. Now that it’s fall, and with the winter season not far behind, customers may be anxious to complete their deck or patio projects and enjoy whatever time they can in their outdoor spaces. But caring for a deck requires a specific game…


Time management starts with goal-setting and planning. If you are operating in a constant crisis management mode and responding to every issue as it happens, then you likely have not set your goals or plans. It’s tough to manage your time if you have not decided how you need to be spending…


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