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Most business owners recognize that the onboarding stage is an important part of the hiring process, but many still underestimate how important it is to do it right. FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER A recent survey conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that helping new hires make connections within the organization early on…


If you’ve been a paint contractor for any number of years, you understand that for all intents and purposes, tips are the ‘brains’ of airless paint systems. They control just about everything from the width of the spray pattern and paint flow rate to regulating how hard the pump needs to work….


As a painting contractor, helping your customers select the ‘right’ paint color can be a tricky proposition: get it right, and you’ve provided a helpful additional service; miss the mark and you’ve made an unprofitable investment of your time and possibly risked an unhappy customer. Fortunately, there are a number of readily…


  1 What drove you to become an ‘elite’ painter versus a ‘commodity’ painter? Painting is a commodity industry. Anyone can pick up the phone and find one of three types of guys: the cheap guy who’s always busy, the middle commodity guy who’s not so busy, or the ‘elite’ guy who…


  1. WHAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTERISTIC OR CAPABILITY YOU LOOK FOR IN A PAINTING CONTRACTOR? What really matters to me is some consistency of contact. I like it when a business assigns an actual project manager who serves as my point of contact throughout the entire project. However, I appreciate that…


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