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Dealing with substance abuse in the workplace is one of the toughest challenges any business owner can face. Fraught with personal and emotional issues and very real economic impact, substance use disorders (SUDs) are incredibly sad and difficult to handle. HARD FACTS, HARSHER REALITIES Collectively, tobacco, alcohol, prescription opioids, and illicit drug…


Marge Parkhurst has been painting since the age of 13, when she would accompany her father, a general contractor, on various jobs after school and during the summer months. She continued working for her father throughout high school. Fast forward 34 years, and Parkhurst has created and maintained a lucrative painting business…


June 2018, we again reached out to 40,000 print and online readers of inPAINT magazine and asked about their business challenges, how optimistic they are about business growth, and which brands they prefer. Pro feedback is regularly used by manufacturers to drive innovation and develop products and services that address specific needs….


According to Art Snarzyk of InnerView Advisors Inc., it’s a painters’ market. “The truth is, talent is scarce,” says Snarzyk. “Talented paint pros are a limited commodity and smart employers are holding on to them. If you place your same old ad for a painter these days, you may attract people, but…


An artist by trade, Jon Cox, Sr. understands the importance of having the right tools for the job. That’s why the founder of Proform Technologies, Inc., which manufactures Picasso paintbrushes, also values the input of other professionals when developing pro-grade brushes. In fact, he very much enjoys talking shop with paint pros…


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