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Tech. It’s just a silly four-letter word in the eyes of some pros, but let’s face it: the right technology tools can help any business owner get a lot more done by streamlining—or even eliminating—old, tired manual and paper processes. Even more, deploying the right technology for your enterprise could help it…


While most businesses are finding that employees prefer benefits over pay raises, that’s not ALWAYS the case in the painting industry, In fact, when asked if the employees of Crestwood Painting, LLC valued benefits over a pay raise, company president Jacque Kelly answered with a resounding “No.” “Over the past few years,…


Matching colors on commercial and residential projects can be tricky and time-consuming. But thanks to the technology packed into today’s color-matching devices, you can save yourself time, valuable resources, and some extra trips to the paint store by avoiding costly mis-matches—all for a few hundred dollars or so. Small enough to fit…


You’ve got your website with information on all your services and your coverage area. You’ve made your contact information easy to find. You’ve got an online scheduling program. You’ve even included a webform. What else could a potential customer want? Believe it or not, a good, old-fashion phone conversation. DIALING FOR DOLLARS…


Since the official incorporation of Google 20 years ago, it has revolutionized the way consumers find and hire contractors—including painters. And in fact, it would be hard to argue that anything has ever changed how contractors market their services like Google has. Like any product growing from infancy to its 20th birthday,…


No painting business needs to be told how important it is to have commercial vehicles handy at all times. The more pickup trucks and cargo vans you have, the more paint, ladders and extension rollers you can carry around, which can lead to more projects—and more revenue. If you’re ready to take…


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