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You could say Rich Purnell was meant to get into the rope-access painting industry. A former professional ice climber, he always yearned for adventure. But, his desire to become a business owner trumped his passion for ice climbing, and in 2007 sparked the idea to launch BASE Painters, a highly specialized rope-access…


Worker safety remains a top construction-industry priority. Even so, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, construction accounts for just over 20% of private industries fatalities, and the industry’s median days away from work due to injury or illness is 50% higher than all other U.S. industries. This is due in large…


Applying stain or paint to a deck still involves the same age-old painter’s axiom: the finished product relies heavily on the prep work. With decks, however, there’s less margin for error than, say, an interior wall. Even the best stains tend to only offer a couple of years of protection, and with…


Running a profitable contracting business takes a significant investment in time, effort and patience. As a business owner, it’s important to make strategic decisions to maximize profit and keep the business growing. This is especially true with equipment that is relied on every day. MORE PRECISE AND EFFICIENT EQUIPMENT SAVES TIME Every…


1) What business practices do you think have contributed the most to your success? We’re very committed to keeping the commitments we make to customers and maintaining our standards. If we tell a customer we’re going to send a painter on Wednesday, we will be there. If we promise an estimate on…


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