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As your business grows, chances are that you will hit a plateau at some point. It’s important to recognize when you’re entering such a phase because, if you act quickly, you can shortcut the time you spend on the plateau—and sometimes even blow past it completely. Here are five common early warning…


Safety. Cleanliness. Professionalism. Underfoot surface protection can involve a lot more than the preservation of a finished floor in or near a home or commercial environment. How your crews go about protecting surfaces reflects on your company’s dedication to doing the job right. There are a lot of good options for keeping…


Interiors tend to be more time-consuming and detail-oriented than exteriors. So, the last thing any pro needs is a coating that fails or just doesn’t look right. Here, five pros share which interior coatings help them earn—and keep—a customer’s trust.       NICK LAURO: Nick Lauro Painting, This Pennsylvania-based pro…


There’s a common misconception that if wood is clean and smooth, there’s no need to sand. This couldn’t be further from the truth; we sand NOT to make the wood smooth but, rather, to open the grain to allow the stain/finishes to penetrate and create a strong bond. Sanding is often the…


Crafting a winning bid involves a lot more than plugging numbers into software. Most property managers will tell you that, even with detailed RFPs, bid prices for any given job can vary dramatically. Here are some expert insights on why prices can vary so much, and a few tips for how pros…


You could say Rich Purnell was meant to get into the rope-access painting industry. A former professional ice climber, he always yearned for adventure. But, his desire to become a business owner trumped his passion for ice climbing, and in 2007 sparked the idea to launch BASE Painters, a highly specialized rope-access…


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