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Homeowners constantly search the internet for home-improvement answers, and these searches can attract visitors to your website where they can become potential leads. Blogging is a valuable tool that allows you to capture those visitors with greater frequency. While most business owners today understand the value of blogging, they often face the…


Requests for textured drywall surfaces are more common in new construction and remodeling jobs than ever before. While typically applied to ceilings, interior walls are now often included in the texturing process as well. In addition to achieving a desired look, finishing walls with a specific texture finish can help hide blemishes,…


In today’s world, many pros know certain digital marketing tactics can bring in qualified leads. But there’s still a lot of noise out there, and it can be challenging to find the right strategy for your business. Here, Ken Tucker, chief marketing strategist of Changescape Web and author of Content Marketing for…


As your business grows, chances are that you will hit a plateau at some point. It’s important to recognize when you’re entering such a phase because, if you act quickly, you can shortcut the time you spend on the plateau—and sometimes even blow past it completely. Here are five common early warning…


Interiors tend to be more time-consuming and detail-oriented than exteriors. So, the last thing any pro needs is a coating that fails or just doesn’t look right. Here, five pros share which interior coatings help them earn—and keep—a customer’s trust.       NICK LAURO: Nick Lauro Painting, This Pennsylvania-based pro…


There’s a common misconception that if wood is clean and smooth, there’s no need to sand. This couldn’t be further from the truth; we sand NOT to make the wood smooth but, rather, to open the grain to allow the stain/finishes to penetrate and create a strong bond. Sanding is often the…


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