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1) What business practices do you think have contributed the most to your success? We’re very committed to keeping the commitments we make to customers and maintaining our standards. If we tell a customer we’re going to send a painter on Wednesday, we will be there. If we promise an estimate on…


As a business owner, you should be constantly setting goals for your company’s growth. As you plan ahead, you’ll recognize that there will be times when your current staffing levels won’t support your growth goals. Because hiring is so time-consuming and potentially costly (especially when done in a hurry), it’s important to…


“I’m not happy with the work.” They are the words no painting contractor ever wants to hear. They mean less attention to other jobs, a smaller profit margin, and the potential loss of future business. Callbacks can hurt a business’ reputation in several ways. First, referrals are adversely affected when homeowners talk…


A: Without exception, any professional will tell you that their painting tools are critical to performance and production. Your paintbrush is an extension of your hand leaving the last touch to the home or business. Once you land on a valued tool, it becomes an investment and worthy of the effort it…


In the April issue of inPAINT magazine, five painting professionals were asked about their tape preferences. Most pros are creatures of habit and once they feel comfortable with a product, they’re not inclined to try something new unless they absolutely have to. But when it comes to tape, they are always on…


They might not have to contend with the elements, but interiors have to stand up to a variety of factors—kitchen smoke, dirty fingers, and furniture scrapes to name a few. Painters and their customers want an interior paint that covers past marks and offers scrubbability to make it easier to keep clean…


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