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“I’m not happy with the work.” They are the words no painting contractor ever wants to hear. They mean less attention to other jobs, a smaller profit margin, and the potential loss of future business. Callbacks can hurt a business’ reputation in several ways. First, referrals are adversely affected when homeowners talk…


A: Without exception, any professional will tell you that their painting tools are critical to performance and production. Your paintbrush is an extension of your hand leaving the last touch to the home or business. Once you land on a valued tool, it becomes an investment and worthy of the effort it…


While most businesses are finding that employees prefer benefits over pay raises, that’s not ALWAYS the case in the painting industry, In fact, when asked if the employees of Crestwood Painting, LLC valued benefits over a pay raise, company president Jacque Kelly answered with a resounding “No.” “Over the past few years,…


PDCA is working to assess the potential of bringing benefits—medical, dental, vision and even retirement plans—to painting contractors and their employees in late 2019. Working with Decisely, a benefits consulting company, PDCA conducted a recent survey to get an initial assessment. There was an overwhelming response, which revealed a large need in…


In the April issue of inPAINT magazine, five painting professionals were asked about their tape preferences. Most pros are creatures of habit and once they feel comfortable with a product, they’re not inclined to try something new unless they absolutely have to. But when it comes to tape, they are always on…


Matching colors on commercial and residential projects can be tricky and time-consuming. But thanks to the technology packed into today’s color-matching devices, you can save yourself time, valuable resources, and some extra trips to the paint store by avoiding costly mis-matches—all for a few hundred dollars or so. Small enough to fit…


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