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Calming blues. Chili-pepper reds. Ocean-inspired greens. Millennial pinks. Bold blacks. These are the colors likely destined for our walls in the new year, according to the key players in the paint industry. Many of the major paint manufacturers have announced their respective color trends for 2018, and these decisions weren’t made haphazardly….


A: My company does interior and exterior painting jobs, and for a good portion of the year, the majority of our exterior painting includes the use of extension ladders. Safety, overall, is number one. Toward that end, I have taken ladder-safety training through the PDCA, and I hold a number of ladder-safety…


Wood siding is one of the most beautiful types of siding—and one of the most expensive. A quality stain job is critical to creating and preserving a high-quality look and helping homeowners avoid costly siding repairs. And the appearance and durability of any stain job depends not only on the quality of…


When protecting carpet or flooring in a home or commercial setting, sometimes a tarp or drop cloth just isn’t enough. For those jobs that last a little longer or that involve covering slippery or treasured terrain, surface protection can be critical for keeping customers happy and employees safe. “I think a lot…


Think back to a product you recently purchased that was either defective, broken, did not live up to its standards, or you were just plain unhappy with it. When brought to the attention of the company, how did they respond? Did they respond? Did they respond but make you jump through hoops?…


Thirty years ago, Ron Koenig was inspired to pursue a career in architectural restoration and conservation following a project he worked on at the Michigan State Capitol. It was there he learned how to stencil, glaze, and perform other decorative painting techniques to preserve the historic building, which was constructed in 1877….


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