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With the seasonality of most of the painting industry, it is not surprising that many businesses feel the pinch of slow cash flow and a smaller-than-comfortable amount of cash in the bank at some point or another. This is the time when you wish you had access to more working capital or…


If your company has been hired to deal with mold, work with solvents, or handle other situations where employees might be exposed to hazardous airborne contaminants, your crew will need respirators for protection. Like any safety product, understanding how the device performs and protects your team is imperative. Here, inPAINT turned to…


Estimating an exterior paint job accurately requires an expert eye, along with some art and science. Beyond the numbers, it often comes down to having honest conversations with the homeowner or client—not only about their needs, but about the prep work required. “Most homeowners may not know a whole bunch about painting,…


Every painting professional has their own take on good prep, and there are many differing views on how much or little prep is really needed for any given job. Jordan Haire, Festool’s director of national accounts, sees and hears the wide-ranging perspectives pros bring to the subject every day. In his role,…


For those jobs requiring a longer time frame or involving multiple trades, things can get messy. Trades bump into each other and a lot of teardown and setting up by you and others only increases the probability of accidents and spills. That’s why, especially for bigger jobs, it’s important to consider floor…


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