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Believe it or not, millennials do ask their neighbors if they know a great painter. No different than previous generations, they value the opinions of friends and others they know. The difference is how they ask their friends, family and neighbors. Unlike their parents, who might have asked at the end of…


A painting professional’s passion for brushes runs deep. Purdy, Wooster, Corona, Picasso … mention a brand and every paint pro has an opinion about which one is better and why. Brush manufacturers know this, and work hard to constantly use input from pros to improve their products. Here’s a look at two…


No matter what finish coat you ultimately apply to an exterior job, the prep work will determine whether it lasts—or fails prematurely. “Every building is different, and you have to look at each surface individually,” says Dave Carhart, owner of Star Painting & Wallcovering in Collegeville, PA. “Today’s exterior paints are pretty…


Experienced paint contractors will tell you airless sprayers are essential tools that provide better and more uniform coverage while significantly reducing the time required to complete jobs. They will also tell you that overspray, the airborne paint material that doesn’t adhere to the target, is inherent to the process. Overspray is, indeed,…


You think a lot about the tools and materials you need for your jobs—pressure washers, sprayers, brushes, paints, stains and specialty products. But what about the vehicle you drive to the jobsite? Obviously, a reliable truck or van is critical to ensure you get to work, but there’s more to it than…


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