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During the Great Recession, health care construction was a lone bright spot at a time when building and renovation opportunities were scarce for all trades. Whether it be new construction or renovations, the health care market is still strong today. But these jobs can bring complexities that are likely unseen in other…


You’ve finally landed that larger commercial job—and it requires a scissor lift. So, you figure out a way to build a rental into your costs without harming your profit line. Heck, maybe you even find a way to tack on a markup for renting the equipment. In time, as you see more…


A recent national survey by the Associated General Contractors of America found that 86% of construction companies are having a tough time filling jobs. At a time when demand for construction and remodeling is growing, the labor shortage may very well be your biggest obstacle to success and growth in the future….


How much time to do spend thinking about hiring the right employees? Now consider how much time to you spend on implementing creative approaches to recruiting new employees. Do you have a recruiting budget or are you still depending on a ‘help wanted’ ad on Craigslist to bring you in the abundance…


Relationships with general contractors who build new homes or work in commercial construction can lead to steady business and plenty of regular income, but professional painters and builders say you have to know what to expect when looking for and accepting jobs offered by builders. A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY Most builders who don’t…


Harsh, cold winters. Hot, humid summers. Torrential rains and blustery winds. Snow, sleet, hail. Yes, exterior paint has to be able to hold up to a wide array of elements. No one wants to see their property peel, crack or blister. And that means hiring a qualified painter—and choosing the right paint…


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