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Pickups may be the traditional choice within the trades, but Euro-style vans are an increasingly hot trend thanks to fuel efficiency, low overall cost of ownership, and customizability—otherwise known as upfitting. Every major automaker now has models configured with gas or diesel engines, different power trains, payload and towing ratings, doors, and…


Whether you call them ‘boomers’ or the ‘silver tsunami,’ the growing number of adults 65 years of age or older represents one thing to contractors and remodelers: opportunity. WORK TO BE HAD According to Mark Hager, CEO of Booming Your Bottom Line, “In terms of scale of opportunity in their lifetime, business…


We recently asked several industry experts to talk about their favorite paint manufacturer perks. While there was a wide range of responses, one theme was constant: paint pros appreciate quality customer service, the opportunity for team-building and camaraderie, and a constant flow of up-to-date information. From product demos to on-site consultations, here’s…


Not since prehistoric painters adorned their cave walls with a mixture of mashed fern leaves and flower petals has paint been so environmentally friendly. But even those club-waving cavemen would feel pretty out of place in today’s billion-dollar coatings landscape. The U.S. paint and coating manufacturing industry includes about 950 companies with…


We’ve all been there. You walk into the caulking and sealant section of your preferred vendor, and are confronted by a monolithic wall of cartridges—only to choose the same brand and type that you always buy. “Paint pros tend to like what they like, and end up sticking with something they know…


Among Midwest lush rolling farmlands, in an area ominously known as Tornado Alley, folks have grown accustomed to warning sirens and funnel clouds. It’s part of life. However, even the most seasoned tornado watchers would be stunned by the sheer fury of the storm that screamed into their lives on a warm…


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