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A good contractor knows which crews to trust for complicated jobs; however, there are some jobs that may not be technically difficult, but require a crew with great people skills to handle a tough customer. Jim Guthrie, senior project manager for Hester Painting & Decorating, near Chicago, IL, has one of those…


We spend so much money and effort looking for new customers when we already have a list—many times a long list—of customers who already know, like, and trust us, and would be more than happy to give and refer us more work. But like all of us, they get busy and forget…


Many paint pros have seen this scenario play out. A customer calls, asking for touch-ups on ‘just a few spots’ on a job you just completed. When you arrive at the site, you find an endless run of inch-long blue painter’s tape pieces in a room that you and your team wrapped…


New customers are critical to building your business, but what is the best way to go about finding them? According to one Sherwin-Williams survey of more than 1,700 homeowners, the key is to seek out the places where customers are actually looking for you. So, how do you that? The survey helped…


Contracts can be a tough conversation for some paint pros. Smaller firms will often do business on a handshake, with the thinking that they’ll harm relationships with the formality of a contract. Others paint pros are contract sticklers who take the time to review and update clauses each year. Love or hate…


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