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When it comes to getting renovation and repair work done, remodeling and property management companies around the U.S. have found that hiring employees, as well as subcontractors, gives them the most flexibility to complete projects. Remodeling contractor Nathan McGranahan founded and co-owns Cornerstone Remodeling in Omaha, Nebraska. Since 1999, his company has…


Without a doubt, people whose jobs support the apartment industry—whether contractors, painters or property managers—know that their jobs contribute to the nation’s economy. But do you know just how much your jobs make the apartment industry a significant economic player? Try $1.1 trillion. That’s how much the apartment industry contributed to the…


Sometimes called apodments, metrosuites, or micro-apartments, tiny living quarters are popping up in major metro areas across the country. Ranging from 150 to 300 square feet, micro-apartments are fast becoming the go-to solution for individuals who want to work and play in urban areas but can’t afford the typical price tag attached…


HarcoPaint® MiracleWipes! offer quick and convenient cleanup for hands, surfaces and tools. Tucked up in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Harco BrandsTM has quietly built an outstanding reputation for itself by developing cleaning products for some of the dirtiest work environments around—mining, manufacturing, automotive, and all manner of industrial fields. Thankfully, the folks at…


On a clear, sunny day out in the fresh air, safety and health might be the last thing on your mind. But data from the Bureau for Labor Statistics indicate that dangers for painters come in many forms. First and foremost are falls from ladders or scaffolds. Of the 738 worker fatalities…


As you likely know, a lot of major construction projects begin in the spring and end in the fall. Some of the reasons are due to the fact that summer months provide longer daylight hours and folks are happier to work outside during the warmer months. The summer’s warm temperatures allow paint,…


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