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Though there’s only a small chance you’ll be faced with an Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) inspection at some point in your career, all painters need to be prepared for one, especially if they work on large commercial building projects that are likelier to attract OSHA inspectors for other reasons. Scrutiny…


Professional painters can operate their business either as an independent owner or as the owner of a franchise location. Sometimes deciding which approach is best can be challenging, because there are rewards and drawbacks to both options. Franchising can be the right choice for many painting professionals. Keeping in mind that the…


One of the primary causes for the failure of a contracting business is improperly pricing one’s services. And one of the primary causes for improper pricing is the failure to accurately identify and recover overhead expenses. Overhead costs are those expenses that are not directly related to performing a service. In general,…


Bruce Watson, owner of Jalapeno Paint Werx in Naperville, Illinois has seen his share of good and bad bidding situations. He has come across the ultimate something for- nothing type, the perfectionist, and everything in between. Years of experience have taught him one thing: “Sometimes, in certain circumstances, it’s best to say…


Remember when the basic requirements for renting an apartment were simple: clean, affordable and safe? Today, modern renters don’t just want a place to live; they want it all—plus a few extras. In just about every major city in America, multifamily rental units are starting to resemble vacation destinations. In New York…


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