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Ask most professional painters how they landed their current gig and they would say, “referrals.” Though a recommendation from a satisfied customer is a worthy business tactic, it’s not the only—or necessarily the best—method to drum up new customers. Now, more than ever, as paint contractors compete in the post-recession market to…


Bruce Watson, owner of Jalapeno Paint Werx in Naperville, Illinois has seen his share of good and bad bidding situations. He has come across the ultimate something for- nothing type, the perfectionist, and everything in between. Years of experience have taught him one thing: “Sometimes, in certain circumstances, it’s best to say…


John Peek, owner of San Diego-based Peek Brothers Painting, graduated from the University of California-Berkeley with a bachelor of science in Business Administration and did a stint in law school—so it’s no surprise he’s highly tuned into the business aspects of the painting industry. One thing Peek has learned during his 33…


Good painting estimators are really just good students. They take what they’ve learned from the last job and apply it to the next. At inPAINT,TM we were fortunate enough to spend time with some estimating professionals recently. They vented, laughed (no one cried), shared stories, and passed along meaningful nuggets of information…


It’s a scenario that has probably happened at one time or another to most commercial painters. Driving by a building and seeing a crew hard at work, they find themselves thinking, “I wish I could get a contract like that!” Craig Jooste, managing director of WOW 1 DAY Painting and owner of…


When it comes to getting renovation and repair work done, remodeling and property management companies around the U.S. have found that hiring employees, as well as subcontractors, gives them the most flexibility to complete projects. Remodeling contractor Nathan McGranahan founded and co-owns Cornerstone Remodeling in Omaha, Nebraska. Since 1999, his company has…


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